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Friday, 15 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2: Review

It's been ten years that the screen has been alight with the adventures of Harry Potter, the by wizard, J.K.Rowling's phenomenon. Now we come to the end of the journey and have they saved the best till last? They certainly have.

Continuing from where we left off in Part One, Harry is still searching for a way to weaken his nemesis, Voldermort but seems to be a step closer, his mission is to destroy three things that will eventually leave him powerless. The only trouble is, as with everything in Harry's life, it's not going to be straight forward, especially with the ever increasing army that the dark Lord has behind him slowly approaching Hogwarts.

I don't think it will be right for me to give too much of the plot away (although most of the fans would already know what happens from the book). All I need to tell you is that if you haven't seen the first part (which is still the weakest of the series) then don't even bother going to see this yet as you get no recaps, it literally heads straight into the action.

The shortest of all the film, it throws everything at the screen. The problem with the last film was the special effects weren't particularly special. This time they certainly are. The battle of Hogwarts is way up there with anything from Lord Of The Rings, from the amazing dragon guarding the vaults of the bank, to the ogres and status that fight it out to the death on the bridge into the school, to the spectacular, and possible iconic sequence when Harry and Voldermont finally face. This is a treat not only to the eye but to the ear too, as the sound  plays such an important part.

Director David Yates gets everything right here. The pacing is breath-taking, he grabs your attention from the very first frame and never lets you go and he adds enough humour not to get too in the way of the dark tone and plenty of emotions to make the harden fans shed a tear or six.

As for the performances, Daniel Radcliffe has grown from being a pretty terrible child actor to a fully grown action hero. He is full of screen presence and it will be interesting to see how his career goes on. Rupert Grint has become an accomplished comedic actor and is so likeable you don't care if he sometimes looks slightly awkward. Finally, Emma Watson has, in my books, had the greatest journey. From being the annoying, over the top drama school brat, she has mature better than all and she is now a proper actress.

There's fun to be had seeing the ensemble cast of the cream of British acting back together again and it will probably be a long time until they get a company of players like this together.
If there is one criticism, it is, once again, the unnecessary 3D that really doesn't enhance or improve the film. So my advice is no matter what format, just see it.

I very rarely rave over a blockbuster film as most fail to deliver but this is going to be the biggest film of the year, nay, the biggest film of the all time I should imagine and deservedly so. It is a cracking entertainment that is exciting, emotional and, quite simply superb. Farewell, Harry Potter, it's been fun.

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