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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Life In A Day: Review

Last July, Oscar winning film makers Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald put out an advert across the world, wanting people to film their lives on one day (July 24th). They received 80,000 submissions and had to go through 4,500 hours of footage to put together this remarkable film.

Essentially it is the world in one day, proving that even if you don't think your life is that interesting, somewhere something incredible is happening, whether it be a birth, a death, a love affair, a job, a mission. Something is happening, and this film allows you to celebrate life, no matter how insignificant it can be.

I don't really want to give to much away as it will spoil possibly one of the most fascinating experiences I have had in the cinema. We start in the middle of the night and we go through a whole day, getting up, breakfast, washing and preparing ourselves, lunch, dinner until back to bed. These are shown in little clips, vignette and sometimes extended scenes.

There's the man trying to get his son ready for the day, which starts off as a simple daily ritual but becomes something else; the woman who is ill and conveying that to her little boy; the women of Africa beating out corn while we see others and their lunch time activities.

This is a film that is not only interesting to watch but will hit every emotion you can imagine. It is sometimes very funny, sometimes very sad (a few times I was fighting back the tears) sometimes shocking (be prepared if you are an animal lover for a couple of shocking moments) but time and time again you are drawn into the stories of these ordinary people.

It works because of this fact. These are not actors and they aren't working from a script. This is their lives, warts and all, and it's to the credit of McDonald and Scott that they are left unedited. Massive kudos must go to editor Joe Walker, who edited it all together and gets it absolutely right. The pace, the links, everything is near perfect film making.

I cannot rave about this film more. if you think that you are having it tough, then go and see this remarkable film. You will think about your own life in a very different way. Incredible stuff.

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